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Escape Club is a true adventure in the most intelligent format you can find! It´s all about impressions, an opportunity to experience something you have never done before. Escape Club provides what you can’t find in your daily lives: routine meetings in the office are far away from facing the Knights of the Round Table, and you probably will not pass by a speaking hare or a dragon in a subway station. We know that even the everyday life may be fun and exciting, but who would refuse the chance to be a Leonardo da Vinci’s pupil? To investigate “the thief of the century”? To visit foreign countries or even new worlds? All of this in less than one hour? This is what is hidden behind the Escape Club doors: a humble, but remarkable, adventure. With our help, you will find yourself in the Grandmaster office, in a medieval castle, in the famous house at Baker Street, or in the shining Wonderland…. There are many options to choose. Will you be a winner? Who knows? It depends only on your intelligence and creativity.
Developed by a group of puzzle designers, adventure park engineers and scenographers, Escape Club offers interactive and immersive escape games. It takes place on hyper-realistic scenarios, with hi-end technology, defining a new step on experienced entertainment.
We believe that the immersion level, at the first moment, depends on how the script strength and the ambiance are carried out. Certainly, everything around influences on the impressions people will find here. We do not measure efforts to create the perfect game.
We love what we do and we do it for you.

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