You and your team get in a scenario and you receive a mission to be accomplished in a certain period of time. Through given information, combining them all and solving many puzzles, you move on in the game; unlocking doors, finding new items and team working to successfully finish the mission.
Scholarship knowledge is more than enough for it. Most of the puzzles are solved with logical thinking; physical strength is not required at any moment. Even children can play the games.
You can always ask for a monitor’s advice.
You will be “locked” forever and we may send some food for you underneath the doorway. Joke!!! Of course we will set you free and we will pleasantly talk about unsolved puzzles or you can choose to play again, with a discount.
Yes! It is necessary to reserve your game by the website. For events and festivities, please contact us by email.
Yes! You only need to visit our reservation webpage and demand how many sessions as you like.
Each game has a minimum and maximum number of players. Please, read the instructions for each mission.
Always check the difficult level of each game before making your choice. The levels go from 1 to 5 locks (1 – easier and 5 – harder)
The value is defined per person. Our values vary within the week day and hour time, as well as the number of players. Please, simulate a reserve in your desired schedule to verify the correct value of the session.
We accept cash and the most popular credit/debit cards, paid at the local and at the moment of the game. For events, please, contact us.
Please, read each game room description.
We recommend sport or casual clothes.
Everything you need to solve the challenge is in the game room. Electronic devices, flashlights, food, beverage and any other kind of tools are not allowed.
No! All our games are different and have an exclusive scenario. In each room you will face a unique mission that you will not find it anywhere else.
If they are accompanied by their parents or caregivers there are no restrictions (children under the age of 5 are free - ID confirmation required). Of course, the presence of children may hinder the game flow, as you need to concentrate all your attention to solve the puzzles. So, previously define this with your team.
Unfortunately, we do not have our own parking lot, but you can park on the street, which is very quiet and safe, or in a third parking lot close to our local. Please, check the map with parking options:
Unfortunately, we do not offer food and beverage services. However, for an additional fee you can hire your own buffet or bar service for your event.
  1. Make a competition among the departments to define who is able to escape faster from the room.
  2. Hire a buffet and a bar service to fraternize before or after the games.
  3. Take this opportunity to apply a self-evaluation survey before and after the games
  4. Create “Best of….” Awards for all the members of your team.